one day at a time . . . redux

I think that’s the issue isn’t it? That if it’s a string of days, then it’s NOT one day at a time. Then there’s pressure. Because if I did well for six days and I don’t make the seventh, well, should I just give up?
Honestly, historically YES.

But that’s not what this new journey is about.

Today was just one day.

And it went fairly well, not perfect, but I did the most important things on my list. The family wore clean clothes, ate off clean dishes. The food was homemade. The errands were run.
I did some of my walking, but bailed when it got unpleasant – and called it a day – tomorrow is another day and I did a lion’s share yesterday. Balance.

I didn’t work much on the household chores but the dishes are done and quite frankly it felt more worthwhile to play cards with Clara, or to let the kids play on the playground after school on this beautiful day.

Not a bad day at all. Of course, tomorrow is another day.

But we’ll worry about that one in the morning.


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